Sri.K.Haridasji, Mukhya Acharya

Akhila Bharatha Narayaneeya Mahotsava Samiti, Thiruvananthapuram

Sri.K.Haridas, born on 31-10-1932, who hails from KUTHANUR village of Palakkad Dst. in Kerala, is the youngest son of the late: C.SIVARAMAN NAIR of cheerath house, KUTHANUR, and the late: K.KUTTY AMMU AMMA, KUPPATHIL House of the same village. Father was an agriculturist and the Branch Post Master of the village & mother a house-wife.

K. Haridas had his primary and high school education at Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Chittur-Palaghat. He took his degree from govt: Victoria College, Palakkad in 1953. His official career begins in the same year as a clerk of the P&T. Dept: of Palaghat and ends at Thiruvananthapuram in 1990 as the welfare officer of the Chief Postmaster General, Kerala circle. While working as Postal Inspector at Thiruvananthapuram he attended the evening classes of institute of English Kerala university and secured Master’s Degree. His marriage with Smt. A.Santha Devi of AZHAKANKUMARTHA house, Kuttanur, took place in 1960 and he is blessed with three children, A.Vasudevan, A.Sivaram and A.Hyma.

His mother was the prime person in leading him at the age of about ten to the spiritual field by teaching him Adhyatma Ramayanam and cultivating devotion in his mind by her frequent visit to temples. Later on the Geetha Gnana Yagnas of Swami Chinmayananda, the sacred words of Matha Amritanandamayi Devi, Discourses on Bhagavatham by Prof: A.V. Sankaran and Prof: G.Balakrishnan Nair fortified his intellect in the right path and we have our Haridasji who serves the Akhila Bharatha Narayaneeya Mahotsava Samiti, Thiruvananthapuram, as Mukhya Acharya from 2013 onwords. This samithi and other institutions have honoured him as follows:

1) 1997 – Narayaneeya sree  by Attukal Bhagavathy Temple Trust,

2) 2007 – Vjiayadasami Puraskaram by Attukal Bhagavathy Temple Trust,

3) 2011 – Narayaneeya Hamsam by Gandhari Amman Kovil Trust,

4) 2013 – Kerala Sri by Uthradam Thirunal Institute of Culture & Gandhari Amman Koil Trust,

5) 2013 – Sathya Sai Puraskaram by Sathya Sai Samithi,

6) 2014 – Acharya Rathnam by Akila Bharatha Narayaneeya Mahostava Samithi.

7) 2014 – Kariyam Devi Puraskaram by Kariyam Devi Temple Trust,

8) 2015 – Krishnayana Puraskaram by Attukal Bhagavathy Temple Trust,

9) 2015 – Bharatha Sri by Kallamman Devi Temple Trust,

10) 2017 – Sree Gandhari Devi Puraskaram    by Gandhari Amman Koil Trust,

11) 2017 – Sree Ramambika Devi Kshetra  Puraskaram by Remambika Devi Temple Trust,


12) 2017 – Kundamon Bhagam Devi Puraskaram by Kundamon Bhagam Devi Trust,

13) 2018 – Vettinad Ooruttu Mandapa Khetra Puraskaram by Vettinad Oouttu Mandapa Khetra Trust, 

 Sri Haridas has written devotional books mainly on Narayaneeyam & Geetha with the purpose of attracting devotees and young children to the spiritual path.His main intention is to inculcate in youngsters the Indian culture as propounded by Vedic Rishis in Upanishads, and to instil in their minds the existence of the unseen and unrestricted Intelligence (Aatma- ) that guides our physical, mental and intellectual faculties. His books are;

1) Matru Pooja – Explanation of Matha Amrithananda mayi Devi’s Ashtothara Satamritham.

2) Purusha Sooktham – With Detailed Notes

3) Narayaneeyam (Part-1) – With Detailed Notes (Dasaka 1 to 50)

4) Narayaneeyam (Part-2) – With Detailed Notes (Dasaka 51 to 100)

5) Narayaneeya Paryatanam – (The essence of Narayaneeyam)

6) Dukha Samyoga Viyogam -The essence of Gita chapter by chapter(mainly for children)

7) Mahishasuramardini Stothram – With Detailed Notes

8) Isavasyopanishad – With Detailed Notes

9) Muktikopanishad, krishnopanishad and radhopanishad – With Detailed Notes

10) Vishnu Sahasranamam – For Children

11) Sadachara Sadvratangal – – Based on Ashtanga Hridayam

12) Sadhananushtanangal – Based on Sankaracharyas Sadhanashtakam

13) Balabodhini Veda Samhita – Veda Manthras with Anvayartha

At prersent Haridasji is conducting classes on Bhagavatham, Narayaneeyam, Bhagavd geeta, Ramayanam and Upanishads at Samskriti Bhavan, Statue and other centres in Thiruvananthapuram. His Narayaneeyam talk is available on You tube Channel Narayaneeyam TV

Prof. T. Padmakumari, Upamukhya Acharya

Akhila Bharatha Narayaneeya Mahotsava Samiti, Thiruvananthapuram

Professor T Padmakumari was born as the daughter of Shri. Krishnan Nair and Smt. Thankamma in Trivandrum on August 26 1945. From the age of 3 years, she grew up under the guidance of her mother’s twin sister as well as a teacher by profession, Smt . Ponnamma  who didn’t  have children and was more of like a mother to her. Prof Padmakumari considers her to be her first GURU. At a very young age itself,  her Guru taught her a verse from Jnanappana which goes like this – Gurunathan thuna cheyka sandatham , which was imprinted in her mind like a mantra. Since then , it has become her habit to enchant this verse before she ventures out on any mission , as she considers it to be her Guru’s blessings.

She completed her schooling from Pettah High School.  She did her preUniversity in Govt Women’s College Vazhuthacaud and graduated from University College. In 1965, she got first rank in BA Hindi. In 1967 she completed her MA Degree with first class. Within 2 days of completing post graduation , she got successfully placed in NSS College Mattanoor as Lecturer. There she had to survive a year of difficulties which moulded her into a better person. With the grace of Shri Mannathu Padmanabhan, founder of NSS,  she got a transfer to Mahatma Gandhi college in Trivandrum in 1968.

In 1970, she got married to K Parameswaran Pillai who was a Mathematics lecturer. She was blessed with 2 children , her elder son is Dr Manoj P, Neurologist , who got married to Dr Rekha Krishnan , Pediatrician. She also has a daughter , Dr Malini P, Radiologist , who got married to Dr P S Sajeev , orthopedician.  Her younger brother Dr Ravikumar is a pediatrician.

She had worked in NSS college Ottappalam for 4 years ( 1984-1988) as well as NSS college karamana and MG College Trivandrum during her career. In 2001, she retired as Head of Hindi Dept from MG college Trivandrum.

She got a chance to meet and receive the guidance of Swami Bodhananda Saraswathy, founder of Bodhananda Seva Society. Since then she has made it a point to enthusiastically cooperate  with the activities of the ashram.

In 1996, she got the golden opportunity to meet Sri.K.Haridasji  who became the beacon of her spiritual life. Since then, she attends his classes conducted in Smt. Prasanna’s residence in Statue. Brahmasri K. Haridasji had opened before her the possibilities of a deeper understanding of the essence of various spiritual texts like Narayaneeyam, Bhagavatam, Bhagavad Gita, Kalisantharanopanisad, Kenopanishad, Katttopanishad, Mundakopanishad, Purushasooktham,Vishnusahasranamam,Aithareyopanishad,Bhrambindupanishad,Chandogyopanishad,Prashnopanishad, Eeshavaasyopanishad and Thaitharyopanishad . Now she is learning Mandookyopanishad. Every year her Guru conducts exams on the lessons taught ,like that for school children. Prof. Padmakumari was able to perform well in those exams and was gifted with various enlightening books by her Guru as a token of appreciation which she considers to be the priceless awards of her life.

With the blessings of her Guru she was able to start a spiritual class in the residence of Prof Indira on Nov 17 – 2000 ( Vrischikam 1). Her 1st discourse was on kapilopadesham. Further she went on to take classes in Gourishapattom karayogam which continues till date. She has covered the texts such as Purushasooktham ,Tatvabodham ,Narayaneeyam , Mathrupanchakam Maneeshapanchakam, Ramana Maharshi’s Upadeshasaram, Aksharamanamala , Saddarshanam ,Soundaryalahari  in these classes. Currently the class is on Shrimad Bhagavatam (moolagrandham) Ekadasaskandham. Since 2005 she has been taking classes on Srimad Bhagavatam in Goureeshapattom Shri Mahadeva Temple on all Fridays from 4 – 6  in the evening. She discourses on Narayaneeyam and Bhagavatam in PMG Hanuman Swami temple every Thursday from 1 – 2 in noon. Also to enlighten the young minds , she conducts Gita classes for children in Vanchiyoor  Vanitha Samskarika Sangham ( Chettikulangara hall) on Sundays since 2005 ,which even the adults find interesting. There she also conducts a session on Narayaneeyam once a month on Thursday afternoon. The other classes under her guidance include Upanishad classes in Narayeneeyotsava Samiti’s Samskriti Bhavan on Wednesday afternoon and Samiti’s Priyadarshini hall on Friday afternoon. For the past 5 years she conducts Ramayana saptaham on karkadakam 1 – 7 in Vanchiyoor  Vanita Samskarika Sangham hall. She has been the Yagnacharya of Narayaneeya Mahotsava Samiti’s Narayaneeya Satram for past 3 years. She has been conducting discourses on Bhagavad Gita ,  Devi Mahatmyam and Siva Mahatmyam  on Neyyatinkara Srikrishna Swami kshetram, Parasala Mahadeva kshetram, Gandhari Amman Kovil  , Kalady Bodhananda Kendram for past 5 years.

In accordance with the instruction of Acharyan Sri. K.  Haridasji she conducted a discourse on Narayaneeya tatvam in Cherukolpuzha Hindu matha sammelanam and she was felicitated by them. She did a programme on Attukal Devi in the occasion of Attukal Pongala in ACV channel in 2017. In 2015 , she received the title of Narayaneeya Ratnam from Goureeshapattom karayogam. She was conferred with Devi Gandhari Shri Keerthipathram by Gandhari Amman Kovil trust in 2016. In 2017, Narayaneeya Mahotsava Samiti bestowed her with the title AcharyaSri. Sambodh foundation honoured Prof Padmakumari in 2018 on the occasion of Valmiki Ramayana Mahayagnam. She completed Eeshavasyopanishad and kayvalyopanishad in Narayaneeya Mahotsava Samiti’s   Upanishad online class. Right now classes are going on Kenopanishad.